How to Treat Allergies at Home with Vick’s Personal Steam Inhaler

How to Treat Allergies at Home with Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

If you are suffering from any kind of nasal congestion, you may want to look into getting a steam inhaler/ vaporizer such as Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is a vaporizer you can use to MAXIMIZE the efficiency of steam treatment. Rather than boil water every time you want to inhale steam, use Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. It is quite simply the BEST steam inhaler on the market, and the results can be astonishing. Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler- How to Treat Allergies at Home Hundreds of people are testimonials to the effectiveness of Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. The steam clears out nasal passageways and sinuses allowing for better breathing instantly. It moistens dry throat passageways and provides lasting relief all in 10 to 15 minutes. If you like, you can use essential oils in the machine, to further enhance its effectiveness. If you are suffering from asthma, nasal congestion, or you just want an alternative to the neti pot– Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is for YOU. Finally find relief today— with Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler.


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“After suffering from severe bronchitis for two weeks, in desperation, I purchased the Vicks personal steam inhaler. I used the inhaler three times a day for about five minutes each session, and it helped tremendously to loosen up the congestion in my airways until the bronchitis ran its course.
It’s still summer here, hot and humid, and I didn’t want to add any more humidity to the house with a room vaporizer, so the personal size humidifier/inhaler was appropriate, and it’s more effective anyway.
After filling the small reservoir with water, turn the switch on, and it takes about 3½ minutes before you have a full head of steam. Use the lever control to adjust the amount of steam – I set it about two-thirds closed. You’re then breathing live steam, and it’s very hot, but it’s the heat and moisture that makes the inhaler so effective. I could feel the results as well as see an improvement in my O2 saturation with a pulse oximeter.
I used plain water, but the inhaler includes a sample packet of Vicks VapPads, which contain eucalyptus oil, menthol, glycol, and cedar leaf oil.”


“My husband suffers from sinus problems and stuffy nose during much of the year (allergy related). He noticed that a steamy shower always seemed to relieve this problem temporarily. We got this for him to try, the price was right, so why not.
He loves it! He can use it intermittently during the day as he needs to and it helps keep him breathing easy, with less sinus pressure and less nasal congestion! Highly recommend for folks who get relief from steamy shower…easy to use.”


“I bought this after reading several excellent reviews. I am a singer with severe allergies so this seemed like a great product for me. After months of use, I can confidently say that this steamer is a life saver! I’ve used this to clear my nose/throat from sinus congestion and allergies and I am comfortable and clear after every use. It’s cleared up my worst congestion so I can sing like nothing is wrong. It’s small enough to pack with me when I travel, too. I highly recommend this for any singer!”


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If you are wondering how to treat allergies at home, look no further than Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler!