How to Treat Allergies at Home with the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System

How to Treat Allergies at Home?

If you are wondering how to treat allergies at home naturally, look no further than the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System.


The GermGuardian Air Cleaning System is one of the most highly rated air

cleaning devices on the market, and can reduce allergic reactions to dust in the

How to Treat Allergies at Home with the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System

air SIGNIFICANTLY. It uses a filter to clean out dust, dander and pollen–

three of the MOST allergy inducing things there are. In addition, it also

cleans bacteria in the air, and helps keep out mold and EVEN smelly

odors. There is no doubt about it– IF YOU HAVE ANY DUST, POLLEN,

OR DANDER RELATED ALLERGY– the GermGuardian Air Cleaning

System will be a tremendous help. There are hundreds of testimonials

from people who HIGHLY recommend the product. As a bonus, compared

to other air cleaning filters, the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System does

not need the filter to be replaced once a month, saving you time and

money. Stop struggling with breathing problems and clean your air today

with the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System.



Don’t take take my word for it?

What OTHER PEOPLE are saying about how to treat allergies at home with the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System:


“I purchased this about 4 months ago, and I have to say, it has changed my life! I have two large dogs and allergies. Though my dogs don’t shed much, they still have dander and they used to send me into middle of the night asthmatic fits. I wasn’t sleeping a full night through without a double dose of allergy medicine and an inhaler (and even then it was iffy)…Until I got the GermGuardian. Upon first use there was a little of that “new plastic smell,” but it went away after about 36 hours of continuously running it. The first night I used it, I took my allergy medicine, but did not have to use the inhaler. Did not wake up once! The second week after using it, I noticed that there was less dust in our bedroom, and I had been able to take my allergy medicine less and less (now maybe once a week if that). In fact, I haven’t touched my inhaler in over two months!
I am going to buy a second (larger unit) for our upstairs living area. I take the smaller one upstairs while I’m cooking if I am making something that is really smelly (like fried fish or bacon) and run it while I cook. It really helps to minimize the amount of lingering odors. It would be nice to not have to move it around all the time!
The best part though…In this yucky cold and flu season, I am pretty sure the GermGuardian kept me from getting full-blown sick! I started to feel a sore throat and stuffy, but it never broke out into a full cold.
I have recommended this item to four people who ordered it, and all of them said that they are noticing a huge difference in the air quality in their home.
***ONE THING TO NOTE*** You have to rinse the thinner filter off about every two weeks (and be careful, it can tear easily). I don’t recommend vacuuming it (I tore it up, and it didn’t seem to get all the crud out). I usually just rinse it out in the tub with cool water and let it air dry for about 5-10 minutes. It will help prolong the Hepa filter in it.”


“I bought 3 units to put around my home. This was my first attempt at using Air Cleansing systems. I have noticed a significant difference in the amount of dust particles in our home. I am sold on this and will soon be looking for a whole house air purification system. I also believe it has helped with my family’s allergies.”



How to treat allergies at home? It’s easy- with the GermGuardian Air Cleaning System!

Here are just SOME of the benefits:

-Cleaner Air (finally, no allergies!)

-Gets Rid of Odors (A side benefit)

-Bacteria removal (not only does it help your allergies, it also helps you not get sick!)


AND (unlike other air cleaning systems) you don’t need to change the filter on it every month!

What are you waiting for! Click here to get yours today!